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Julee Peterson

My name is Julee Peterson

I have a private telehealth practice in California where I focus on supporting couples, and blended families.  My background experience comes from counseling children, teens and their families.  I enjoy working with couples and helping restructure their bonds for more secure attachments.  I work with blended families to promote better understanding between family members and help create a more peaceful household.  My past experience also included working with individuals on self-esteem, social skills, life transitions, grief, gender issues, and the unique dynamics that come with newly formed blended family relationships.  I work from an Attachment Theory, strengths-based belief where I help clients realize their own strengths and help guide them toward the changes they wish to see in their lives and relationships. 

I earned my M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California where I came to appreciate different values and viewpoints being emotionally triggering in interpersonal relationships .  So much so, that they block attachment and cause negative patterns.  It is the trust built within our therapeutic relationship that allows positive change to happen.  I create an emotional environment via tele-health where you and your spouse feel safe, heard and respected.  I can help you validate and confront haunting emotions, heal your emotional wounds and sort through relationship struggles getting through the content of repetitive fights and down to the core issues.  My style is relational, genuine and warm so you'll feel as though you're getting feedback from a trusted friend.

I enjoy working with couples, blended families and young adults in relationships.  I’m also training in Emotionally Focused Therapy toward certification and have recently finished Core Skills - the second step toward certification.  EFT is an empirically proven therapy thats been shown to work with solving couples communication problems.   EFT also works for many other interpersonal relationships within the family and outside the family as it helps uncover underlying patterns of behavior learned from past emotional experiences.  I’ve been practicing for six years and am confident in my abilities to help you reach the positive results you wish for in your life.  I also run a coaching program for blended families through Helping Blended Families.com.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#117074).

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